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Before Storm

  • Gather all pertinent documents and place in a water-tight container.
  • Photograph each room in your home for documentation purposes.
  • Consider cleaning out your refrigerator and turning it on the coolest temperature setting.
  • Install any hurricane shutters/plywood (if available) over windows & doors.
  • Tie-down or bring inside any loose items around your home or in your backyard such as toys, planters, umbrellas, & patio furnishings.

During Storm

  • Be aware of extended rainfall and consequential flooding. If you are in an area known to flood, please consider moving to higher ground.
  • If evacuations are ordered, please heed warning & take any important documents with you. Return home only when local officials deem it safe to do so.
  • Stay off the roads and drive only when necessary making sure to avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges. Remember, turn around – don’t drown.
  • Keep away from any down, loose or dangling power lines and immediately report them to the power company.

After Storm

  • Inspect your home for damage when it is safe to do so. Take multiple pictures of any and all damage for your insurance records.
  • Your insurance policy requires reasonable care and diligence to mitigate further damage. Do not wait to hear from an adjuster to take steps to mitigate further loss. Please see our list of restoration companies you may call to get the process started once the storm has passed. Please keep all receipts and records to turn over to your adjuster.

Hopefully, these will assist you in reducing your likelihood of sustaining any injury or damage.


Ways to File a Claim:

  • Directly to your Insuring Company (Click the “Contact Your Carrier” button for a listing of carriers and contact information)
  • To Our Office Directly (during business hours)

All clients with flood damage or flood questions are encouraged to contact FEMA (800.621.3362) or your specific Flood Carrier.

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